See? Carrot Juice Is Good For You!

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Carrot Juice Is Good For You

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See! Carrot Juice is Good For You!

When it comes to juicing, one thing that you want to keep in mind is the fact that you actually get more benefit from drinking carrot juice than from eating carrots. This is beneficial to your health and results from the fact that your body can more efficiently process its nutrients in juice form.

Use apple and carrot pulp to make an apple-carrot sauce. Since apple and carrot juice are the staples of making juice, you will have quite a bit of pulp left over. Do not toss it, it can be used and is very healthy and nutritious. Refrigerate the pulp and when ready to use add two-thirds apple to one-third carrot pulp. This combination is great for ulcers and your skin and hair.

Carrot Juice is one of the Sweetest Vegetable Juices

Carrot juice is wonderful to add to almost any fruit juice combination. Carrot juice is naturally sweet, and compliments most fruit flavors. It is packed with essential nutrients and adds vegetables to the diet that many people are lacking. This combination can be a great way to get your kids to consume vegetables, too.

Maintaining blood sugar levels helps to curb hunger, so including carrot juice in your creations can help you keep healthy and eat less. Carrots do have more sugar in them than many other vegetables, but the fact that they don’t cause a spike in blood glucose means that you can overlook that and drink them up!

While carrots are indeed a high glycemic vegetable, studies have shown that carrot juice can actually help keep blood sugar levels stable. Including it in your juice, can sweeten up bitter vegetables like dark leafy greens, plus, it adds a smooth texture to the drink. Even a diabetic can appreciate that!

When making carrot juice, make absolutely sure to get fresh, healthy carrots. Signs of old carrots are rubberiness, limpness, wilted tops, and excessive cracking. Look for carrots that have a full color, are firm to the touch, and have green, leafy tops. These carrots will produce the freshest, sweetest juice.  Organic carrots are getting easier to find, so choose them if you can.  Anytime you’re juicing, try to choose organics since these juices are concentrated fruits and vegetables, the chemicals are concentrated too.


A single cup of juice will be equivalent to a much larger amount of actual vegetables or fruit, meaning one cup of juice can also be equal to make more servings on the food pyramid. For example, a single cup of carrot juice is equivalent to four cups of diced carrot!

Carrot Juice is A great way to introduce juice to kids

Healthy juicing for kids can seem like a daunting task, leading people to only give them fruit. Try carrot juice! Most kids absolutely adore it, and you can sneak many other vegetables in it without your child even noticing. You can also try having two or three fruit with wheat grass, or protein powder, and the fruit will overwhelm the taste of anything you add.

Juicing is a great way to impact your health and find new ways to enjoy your fruits and vegetables. Now that you have gotten some helpful ideas you are on your way to making a great start. Learn as much as you can and reap the rewards of a healthier diet through juicing.  

Check out our recipe pages for juice recipes and smoothie recipes.

Remember, if you want any juice you make to be sweeter, add carrot juice.

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