Types of Blenders

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Different Types of Blenders

There are lots of different blenders out on the market today.  Knowing the different types of blenders is just the tip of the iceberg.  After knowing which of type of blenders are out there, you’ll need to decide which is best for you. I am going to talk about the types of blenders that are best used for smoothie making.  You can also juice with a blender, but it does take extra steps because if you truly want a juice, you’ll need to strain it.  I personally would want to use a blender to blend and a juicer to juice.

Many fruit based smoothies can be made in a typical household blender.  The kind you grew up using will work just fine to make a smoothie, as long as you don’t expect it to puree hard vegetables or solidly frozen fruits.  Some blenders are able to blend ice and frozen fruits, but many will just spin them around and you will find the chunks of strawberries still in your smoothie.  If you are as annoyed by the straw-plugging unblended fruit chunks as I am, read on for the perfect blender…

There are machines out there called smoothie makers.  These are regular blenders in the way they blend, however they have a cute little spout at the bottom to dispense your smoothie.  This is kind of fun and cool, especially if you are making the smoothies with kids.  These smoothie makers do pretty much as well as a typical household blender with the blending.  Many of them can blend ice ok, but you may not ever get a perfectly smooth, chunk free smoothie.  Again, if you are making mostly fruit based smoothies or milkshakes, these are powerful enough.  If you want to move up into green smoothies or smoothies with some more diversity, then you’ll need a power blender.

Power Blenders are the Most Versatile of the Types of Blenders

a Vitamix blender is one of the best of the types of blenders
A power blender like the Vitamix is one of the most versatile of the types of blenders.

Power blenders are one of the best types of blenders for creating lots of interesting, healthy smoothies.  A power blender is a blender that can basically blend anything you throw into it.  (Including iphones, not that you’d want to do that, but pretty cool that it can puree one into a powdery mess!) The two main players in the power blender market are the Vitamix and the Blendtec blenders.

I personally have the Vitamix and have been absolutely thrilled with it.  I got mine at Costco during a demonstration that they had there.  I was super impressed with the fact that you could take a bunch of veggies and fruits, add some water or soymilk and ice and wallah!  an amazingly delicious smoothie.  You couldn’t even tell that there were all those vegetable in there.  It was super smooth!  My little 3 year old drank his sample and wanted mine.  That sold me!

The Blendtec blender is pretty much the same as the Vitamix.  I have, however, read some complaints that because it doesn’t have a tamper to push the ingredients down into the blade, there has to be more liquid to keep it moving into the blade.  This probably isn’t a big deal, but thought I’d mention it.


Not all Types of Blenders are Good

I did try a cheaper power blender called the Ninja before buying the more expensive Vitamix.  I was extrememly disappointed with the smoothie I tried to make in it.  Picture my family and me, all excited to make this new healthy smoothie, complete with spinach and carrots.  According to the Ninja manual, this would be no problem for it.  So, I’m “selling” the kids this drink we’re making, telling them how amazing it is going to taste and that they’ll never even know that there are a bunch of veggies in it.  Then its done, well, as done as it was ever going to get after pureeing it on the highest speed for a very long time.  We then tasted it (with a lot of coaxing)…  It tasted exactly like the extremely gritty/sand-like, pasty green sludge that it looked like.  It was so awful, the kids all spit it right back into their cups. Needless to say, that Ninja went right back into the box and back to the store.  I then proceeded back to Costco to buy the Vitamix that I had wanted in the first place.

It showed me that you really do get what you pay for.  We made another smoothie with that one and it was amazing.  The kids couldn’t believe that it was the same ingredients.  They absolutely loved it. We have been making smoothies ever since.  Its really shocking the weird things I’ve put into these smoothies and the kids just drink ‘em down.  Things like shelled pumpkin seeds, flax seeds and sunflower seeds for added protein.  This power blender can pulverize anything I throw into it.

Of all the types of blenders out there, the Vitamix power blender is my absolute favorite! The Vitamix can do a lot more than just make smoothies too.  It can even make soups because as it blends over 3 minutes it gets hotter and hotter, until at about 8 minutes you have a hot soup!  It can also blend up nuts, seeds and grains to make protein rich powders and flours.  There isn’t much this machine can’t do.


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